We help healthcare professionals know Christ more through discipleship, we seek to care for them through relationships, and strive to send them out into their professions well equipped spiritually and professionally.

If we are faithful in carrying out our mission we expect to see the following,

  • People coming to a saving knowledge and growing relationship with Christ on a regular basis.
  • People being mentored into mature followers of Christ through small group and one on one discipleship.
  • Marriages that are characterized by spouses loving, respecting and nurturing each other in relationships centered on Christ and guided by Biblical truths. Parents raising their children to be mature followers of Christ.
  • People going out from the ministry with a missional mindset and lifestyle who are committed to win, build, and send out others as disciples of Christ both nationally and internationally.
  • Health care professionals being influenced in a godly manner that values and treats the patient with a whole person concept: individuals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

How We Connect

Chapter Contact Information

CMDA Birmingham

Bobby Parks, Area Director


Ministry Locations


UAB Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Optometry

P&P 2018 Robert Parks

How We Grow


  • Monday night Fellowship, focus on relationships, marriage
  • Tuesday night Fellowship, general topics for spiritual growth
  • P&P - Thursday at noon for students from all healthcare schools
  • TNT - Friday at noon for 3rd and 4th year dental students
  • Side by Side, Wednesday mornings

Events | Conferences:

  • Winter Retreat with other campuses in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
  • GMHC in Louisville every November


  • 3 annual mission trips: Dental, Medical, Therapy (Physical & Occupational)
  • Side by Side has a chapter in Birmingham connected with us.
  • We have a ministry to the orthopedic residents called "Bibles & Bones".

Where We Go


Where We Serve:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Peru

Why Give to CMDA Birmingham

Through our ministry Christ is impacting the lives of scores of men & women in healthcare and through them we are impacting their friends, colleagues, patients, staff, etc. We help prepare people for a Christ-centered and Christ-honoring marriage. We help students understand relevant issues facing healthcare workers today and how to approach these Biblically. We are seeing graduates of our ministry in key roles at UAB and in private practice and missions.

Additional Info


We have a strong focus on small groups. Last year over 150 participated in these groups and over 30 professionals led or co-led most of them. We also have large group meetings (with free meals) weekly.

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Global Health Outreach

As a ministry of CMDA, Global Health Outreach is a short-term international missions program dedicated to providing healthcare while spreading the gospel by sending medical, dental and surgical teams around the world.

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