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"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" (Isaiah 40:31, NIV 1984).

What is the National Resident and Fellow Community (NRFC)?

Residency is an exciting time! You're learning a lot, developing skills, working with teams, building confidence. But residency is also a difficult time. You're tired. You receive criticism from seemingly everyone, including yourself. Imposter syndrome sets in. You feel isolated. As Christians, we long for encouragement from fellow believers, particularly from those who understand the rigors of residency and can help us see Jesus in our work. That's why the NRFC exists.

The National Resident & Fellow Community (NRFC) is the section of CMDA dedicated to connecting, mentoring, and empowering those of us in post-graduate training. Spread out across the US and a few other countries as well, we are a resident and fellow-driven ministry within CMDA designed to connect, mentor and empower Christian residents and fellows to:

  • Live out their faith authentically
  • Influence the culture of healthcare
  • Unite with other Christian residents and fellows both locally and nationally for enduring fellowship
  • Shape the future of CMDA

The NRFC provides a place for Christian residents and fellows to connect to a community in your new city after graduation, network with other Christian residents and fellows from around the country, further develop your leadership skills, be mentored, share "best practices" of improving ministry to your colleagues and patients and impact the future ministry of CMDA and healthcare itself. All Christian residents and fellows are invited to be a part of the NRFC!

Frequently Asked Questions

The NRFC is an important part of CMDA's Campus & Community Ministries. It serves as a springboard for development of future national leaders of CMDA and will offer potential participation of its members in other national CMDA roles, such as Resident Trustee to the Board of Trustees, Resident Representative to the House of Representatives or membership of various councils or committees.

While there is no time requirement to be involved in the NRFC, it is the goal of the NRFC to have regularly scheduled online meetings and interactive programs so that residents and fellows have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a Christ-follower in healthcare.

You are welcome to join biweekly prayer and devotional times over Zoom led by residents or guest speakers; more information is available through our WhatsApp group which provides a place for residents and fellows across the nation to meet, connect, network and encourage one another.

Complete the “Join the NRFC” form below and information about the above will be emailed to you.

NRFC meetings take place bi-weekly via Zoom on Monday evenings at 8 pm Eastern. They include prayer, fellowship, a graduate professional sharing an encouraging devotional, learning about various CMDA ministries or watching and discussing the Faith Rx videos.

The National Resident & Fellow Community is led by motivated residents and fellows who feel called to care for other residents and fellows and are inspired to steer CMDA resident/fellow ministry into the future. The Leadership Team is the decision-making body of the NRFC and is composed of CMDA Resident Representatives and the CMDA Resident Trustee along with other interested residents and fellows who are CMDA members.

While their overall role is to establish and implement the vision for the NRFC, their specific tasks vary from year to year. These tasks may include developing and leading online meetings, reaching out to fellow residents/fellows and graduating fourth year students, helping write the NRFC newsletter, as well as planning resident and fellow events at CMDA’s annual National Convention.  

The Leadership Team is not meant to be exclusive, but to define who will assume the responsibility for leading this national organization. To apply for a leadership position, click on the Leadership Applications at the bottom of this page.

CMDA membership is not required to be a part of the NRFC but we highly recommend it!  Because of generous donors, there is no charge for residents and fellows to be CMDA members!  Join today  to support a movement that educates, encourages and equips Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God!

With your CMDA membership, you will receive:

  • CMDA’s quarterly magazine, CMDA Today
  • Free access to the CMDA Learning Center  
  • Membership connections through the CMDA GO App
  • The knowledge that you are part of a movement of Christians in healthcare!

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If you’re not already a CMDA member, join today! Because of generous donors, all residents and fellows can be members at no cost! You just need to sign your agreement to the following:

CMDA’s Mission and Vision, and Statement of Faith

Our Mission
CMDA educates, encourages, and equips Christian healthcare professional to glorify God.

Christian healthcare professionals glorify God by following Christ, serving with excellence and compassion, caring for all people, and advancing Biblical principles of healthcare within the Church and throughout the world.

Our Vision
Bringing the hope and healing of Christ to the world through healthcare professionals.

Statement of Faith
While each of us holds fast to additional beliefs important to our relationship with God, the following statement outlines the tenets that provide a foundation for our fellowship and participation in the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

I believe:
  • * In the divine inspiration and final authority of the Bible as the Word of God;
  • * In the eternal God revealed in Holy Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • * In the unique Deity of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, whose death and resurrection provide by grace through faith the only means of my salvation;
  • * In the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
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    Residency & Fellowship Programs

    We know that finding a residency program that fits you is important. We've compiled a list of residency programs that are Christian-friendly and/or mission-minded. We consider these programs worth your consideration when you are choosing your residency. Please note: this information is subject to change. For more information, contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    Family Practice

    Family Practice Programs

    Please note: this information is subject to change. Questions?
    Contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    Advent Health Wesley Chapel
    Tampa, FL
    Contact information here.

    Advocate BroMenn Graduate Medical Education Program
    Bloomington-Normal, IL

    Advocate Christ Family Medicine Residency Program
    University of Illinois
    Contact information here.

    Advocate Health Care Residencies
    Illinois locations

    Altoona Family Physicians Residency
    Altoona, Pennsylvania
    Contact information here.

    Baylor, Scott & White Family Medicine Residency
    Waxahachie, Texas
    Contact information here.

    Cahaba Family Medicine Residency
    Urban: Birmingham, Alabama
    Rural: Centreville, Alabama
    Frontier: Marion & Camden. Alabama
    Highlands: Birmingham, Alabama
    Contact information here and here.

    Clarkson Family Medicine
    Omaha, NE
    Contact:  402.552.2050

    Campbell University
    Buies Creek, NC 27506
    Contact information here.

    Cornerstone Family Health
    Lisle, IL
    Contact information here.

    Family Medicine of SW Washington Residency Program
    Vancouver, Washington
    Contact information here.

    Greenville Family Medicine Residency Program
    Greenville, South Carolina
    Contact information here.

    In His Image Family Practice Residency Program
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Contact information here.

    John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Contact information here.

    Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital Residency Program
    Somerset, KY
    Contact information here.

    Lawndale Family Medicine Residency
    Chicago, IL
    Contact information here.

    Loma Linda University
    Loma Linda, CL
    Contact information here.

    Northeast Georgia Medical Center
    Cleveland, GA
    Contact information here.

    Saint Anthony Family Medicine Residency Program
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Contact information here.

    Saint Joseph Family Regional Medical Center
    South Bend, Indiana
    Contact information here.

    Self Regional Healthcare Family Practice Residency
    Greenwood, South Carolina
    Contact information here.

    Shannon Family Medicine Residency
    San Angelo, TX
    Contact information here.

    St. Louis University School of Medicine
    St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Vincent's East Family Medicine Residency at Christ Health Center
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Contact information here.

    Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency
    Bryan, Texas
    Contact information here.

    UAB/Selma Family Medicine Residency Program
    Selma, Alabama
    Contact information here.

    Ventura Family Medicine Residency Program
    Ventura, California
    Contact information here.

    Via Christi Family Medicine Residency Program and International FM Fellowship
    Wichita, Kansas
    Contact information here.

    Waco Family Medicine Program
    Waco, Texas
    Contact information here or here.


    Obstetrics and Gynecological Programs

    These Programs are Receptive to
    Pro-Life Students

    Please note: this information is subject to change. Questions?
    Contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    Advent Health (beginning 2024)
    Tampa, FL
    Contact information here.

    Campbell University
    Buies Creek, NC 27506, Contact information here.

    LeHigh Valley Health Network
    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Contact information here.

    Loma Linda University Medical Center
    Loma Linda, California 92354
    Contact information here.

    Loyola University Chicago Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency and Education
    Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Health System
    Maywood, Illinois
    Contact information here.

    Sisters of Charity Hospital
    State University of New York at Buffalo
    Buffalo, New  York
    Contact information here.

    West Virginia University School of Medicine
    Charleston Area Medical Center
    Charleston, West Virginia
    Contact information here.

    Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Joseph
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Contact information here.


    Psychiatry Residency Programs

    Please note: this information is subject to change. Questions?
    Contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    Loma Linda University Psychiatry Residency

    For more information about the Loma Linda program or to inquire about other Psychiatry Residency programs, please contact Marshall Williams of CMDA’s Psychiatry Section at


    Other Residency & Fellowship Programs

    Please note: this information is subject to change. Questions?
    Contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    CMDA's Dental Residency [+] at Christ Community Health Services
    2595 Central Ave
    Memphis TN, 38104
    Contact: Katie Musser, DMD

    University of South Florida | Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
    Tampa Bay Area, FL
    John Greene, MD, FACP
    Roberto Diaz, MD, PhD
    Click here for more information.

    Global Health Fellowship
    School of Medicine Columbia
    Jeffrey W. Hall, MD, FAAFP, CTropMed
    Mark Humphrey, MD, MPH

    medmissions copy

    International Programs

    Please note: this information is subject to change. Questions?
    Contact Campus & Community Ministries.

    Click on the link for the Sourcebook for Healthcare Mission Experience for overseas opportunities.


    Christian Community Health Fellowship

    Christian Community Health Fellowship assists medical students in connecting to faith-friendly programs. Click here for more information.

    National Resident & Fellow Community Newsletters

    Nicole Baldwin

    Nicole Baldwin, MD

    “The biggest reason I am a part of CMDA is that has provided me with a large family to walk with me in navigating not only what it means to be a Christian who is in healthcare, but one who follows Jesus into the heart of the refining fire and the mission field that healthcare is. Twice—in medical school and residency—CMDA has come alongside fledgling communities of Christian peers that I had discovered in my programs to help us become part of the wider family of Christian attendings, residents and students in our local area. Through those new connections, I have found mentors and mentees, super encouraging testimonies that have shaped and emboldened my walk with Jesus and ministry to patients and peers, true fellowship and vital prayer support. In addition, I have learned about conferences, opportunities and resources that God has also been using to teach me what it means to serve Him in my time of training and far beyond, and also find connections with people walking the walk I want to walk in the future. Without CMDA, I know my walk with the Lord during my training years and beyond would be far less sustained and rich with opportunities. I 100 percent encourage you to reach out, connect and join CMDA!”



    Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD

    "Why a CMDA Membership? I appreciate the legacy of CMDA and the tremendous opportunity it has been to be a member since I was 17 years old, just a few weeks before starting college. I have immensely enjoyed the fellowship, teaching, learning, growth, support, mailings and spiritual and medical/dental camaraderie in CMDA. On the National Resident Council (NRC), residents/fellows around the country are encouraged to participate in a "think tank" to expand the space within CMDA where the word and concept "residents/fellows" becomes intentionally commonplace in the vernacular at local meetings and councils, regionally, nationally and internationally. As resident/fellow members, we are together able to "stand for something, lest we fall for anything." Our vision at this point for residents/fellows should be to develop electronic tools that we can have at our fingertips for encouragement, support, exhortation, information and connectivity. Whether it's an app with weekly CMDA devotionals written by residents/fellows or graduate faculty, or audiobooks that we are all reading together around the country, electronic availability will increase access for residents/fellows to emerge from the "black hole." I am thrilled to be a CMDA resident/fellow!"


    CMDA Ministries and Resources


    VIE Poster Session

    Share your research and win an award!


    CMDA Advocacy

    Information about Conscience Protections


    Center for Well-Being

    Coaching, Mentoring, and more...


    FaithRx Video Series

    Program for equipping Christians in healthcare


    Global Health Outreach

    Short term global mission trips


    CMDA National Events

    Area, regional and national events

    NatCon25-flat-white copy

    CMDA’s National Convention is the premier Christian healthcare event that provides residents and fellows the opportunity to fellowship with other Christian professionals, learn about current health and social issues, renew your faith through worship, network with other believers and be encouraged in your healthcare journey as a Christian healthcare professional.

    Participating in CMDA’s National Convention is highly recommended; however, we understand that in general residency and fellowships are some of the busiest times of life. Attending the annual meeting is where the connections to other Christian residents and fellows from across the country are made, and these connections will often last a lifetime. The biggest impact you can have with this ministry is when you are gathered together in person, so we highly encourage you to attend.

    Consider presenting an academic poster at the Convention! CMDA’s VIE Poster Session is an excellent opportunity to share your research with other colleagues!

    Are you wondering how to fund a trip to National Convention?

    The NRFC offers residents and fellows scholarships that help cover their registration fee to attend the National Convention. There are also limited regional scholarships available to potentially cover some lodging and travel.

    Also, if a resident or fellow presents a poster at the VIE Poster Session,  the registration fee is automatically covered to attend the National Convention.

    Exploring funding from a local CMDA ministry and/or the institution where you are working are also possibilities.

    2025 Convention Ad copy

    Meet Our Leadership Team

    Emily Scire, MD

    Emily Scire, MD

    I grew up in Woburn, MA, Dover, NH, and Wells, ME and attended the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Biochemistry. I received my MD/Master in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania. During my time as a medical student, I was a member of my school's CMDA chapter and later served as the CMDA Northeast Student Representative. I am currently in my fourth year of general surgery residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, and am serving as a representative for the National Resident and Fellow Community. My hobbies include gardening, knitting, skiing, swimming, and singing and my current career aspirations include pediatric surgery and medical missions.


    Andrew Wilson, DO

    I am serving as a CMDA National Resident Representative. Currently, I am a PGY-7 Interventional Cardiology fellow at the University of Texas in Austin. I completed my medical training at Western University of Health Sciences in California and I serve in the United States Army. I joined CMDA during my fellowship training and have been incredibly blessed by its spiritual community of Christian healthcare professionals. Through CMDA, I have had opportunities to participate in both local and international medical mission trips, form lifelong friendships, and be mentored by leaders in the faith. I have a genuine passion for the NRFC’s mission to strengthen our faith during the challenges of postgraduate medical training. Outside of work, I am happily married to my wife, Alexis, who is a pediatrician and also involved with CMDA. Together, we enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, and trying new foods!


    Meghan Greene, DMD

    I am a current Dental General Practice Resident (GPR) at the VA hospital in Indianapolis. I am originally from Georgia but went to undergrad and dental school at the University of Louisville. In dental school I discovered CMDA and was blessed with a wonderful campus chapter. Through CMDA I have been able to meet many amazing believers and work alongside them for the glory of the Lord. I am currently a Resident Representative for CMDA, and I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of this organization.


    Madison Chapman, MD

    I am a PGY-4 OB-GYN at UT Health San Antonio. I went to undergrad at Michigan State University (BS) and medical school at UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine (MD). I am married to Savannah Chapman (Physical Therapist), and we have a daughter (Aubrey, 1.5 years old) and are expecting a son in December. I am interested in short-term medical missions and was at Tenwek Hospital (Kenya) in January. I also enjoy disc golf, lawn maintenance, cooking/grilling, and audiobooks.

    Are you interested in getting involved with the National Resident and Fellow Community? Contact NRFC for more information.

    Campus & Community Ministries
    P.O. Box 7500 • Bristol, TN 37621 • 888-230-2637