The CMDA National Student Community (NSC) is a place where you can stay connected throughout your years in medical school. The NSC provides two important benefits to YOU!

The NSC keeps you connected and informed.

Being a part of the NSC allows you to stay in the loop with all the resources and opportunities that will help you grow as a Christ-follower.

The NSC gives you portals to get more involved, use your gifts and lead.

We know that you have tremendous gifts, gifts that we all would benefit from. Being a part of the NSC will allow you step into opportunities to lead and speak into the ministry of CMDA. As new opportunities come online, you'll have instant access to jump right in!

CMDA wants to come along with you on your journey throughout medicine-Sign up today!

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The CMDA Student Pulse Podcast features relevant and engaging conversations on the intersection of life, medicine, and faith. With ministry on over 300 healthcare campuses, CMDA is committed to helping healthcare students not just survive in life, but rather THRIVE with a PURPOSE.

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