Vignettes, Initiatives, Innovations & Education (VIE) Poster Session

Thank you for your interest in CMDA’s VIE poster session!  Registration is now closed for 2023 submissions.

Please join us on Friday, April 28 for the VIE Poster Session at CMDA’s National Convention.  Participants will be answering questions about their VIE Poster Submission at that time.  All are welcome!

Poster Presenters, please note:

Click here for our FAQ page.


Poster Preparation Instructions

  • Your poster must fit a 4' x 4' space. Posters may be 3' x 4' (vertical), 4' x 3' (horizontal), or 4' x 4' (square). You may use our optional Vertical TemplateHorizontal Template, or Square Template.
  • Click here for tips on designing better research posters.
  • Bring your printed poster to the convention and set up in the designated time before the poster session.
  • Prepare a five (5) minute summary that can be presented to judges and other interested visitors during the poster session.


  • You must be present at the National Conventionin order to win.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the posters that score highest on visual and oral presentation.

Evaluation Form
Presenters and judges: please complete our brief VIE Poster Session Evaluation Form after the poster session to help us plan for future years. Thank you!

Contact with your questions.

This was one of the most organized and best-run conferences I have attended! The abstracts selected represented a variety of interesting and impactful topics, and the presenters were comprised of a group of approachable, welcoming, intelligent, and engaging students. I will definitely be applying each year! ~ Caroline, 2022 Poster Presenter

VIE is a French word for "life" and represents not only the acronym for "Vignettes, Initiatives, Innovations, & Education," but also our recognition of and commitment to stirring godly passions and life throughout CMDA and His kingdom through presentation of scholarly work.