CMDA DC serves to encourage and equip our local emerging and practicing healthcare professionals to continue in their good work in a culture that is counter to God's Kingdom. We desire to minister to the spiritual needs of our students and healthcare professionals to develop and grow in faith throughout their careers as they treat bodies and souls locally and globally. We hope our work expands the local body of Believers that complements the faith-based and healthcare community and transforms our culture.

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Because CMDA values discipleship, we are launching a mentorship program for students and professionals. Those interested in participating can review the program guidelines and fill out the information survey. Based on the information submitted, mentors will be matched with mentees for an academic year, with opportunities to pray, discuss work/life balance and encourage one another in their Christian walk. Feel free to send inquiries to Nicole Hayes at nicole.hayes@cmda.org, who will forward to Melody Linton (current coordinator).

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Why Give to CMDA Washington DC

There is great excitement about our opportunities to minister through healthcare and sharing the gospel in our nation's capital and beyond! Your partnership will continue to enable emerging and practicing healthcare professionals throughout the D.C. area to be discipled and equipped to integrate their Christian faith into medicine. When you give to CMDA DC, you are partnering with us to:

  • Engage biblically and ethically with our immoral culture on bioethical issues
  • Encourage our practicing healthcare professionals to continue in their good work in a culture counter to God's Kingdom
  • Equip those new in the field with mentors and resources to help develop and grow their faith as they treat the bodies and souls of those they will see throughout their careers
  • Expand the local body of Believers that complements the faith-based and healthcare community and transforms our culture

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"Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guard stands watch in vain." - Psalm 127:1 (New International Version)

"Even in the common labors of men, it is the Divine blessing which contributes the success." (Excerpt from Ellicott's Commentary on Psalm 127:1)

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Speakers' Bureau

We are requesting physician, healthcare, faith-based speakers who desire to share their career and faith experiences (based on certain topics) in various settings such as workshops, conferences, student bible studies, etc. If you are interested in speaking, please click this box, complete the form and we will contact you. Thank you.

We Need Support Now:

We need your help today in this critical time. Please click and read the brochure and consider building up and advancing this ministry brick by brick through our "Buy a Brick, Build a Ministry" capital campaign. We need your support by or before December 31, 2020.

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