Summer Ministry Opportunities

Are you ready for summer? The projects below offer significant opportunities for Christians in healthcare training to experience true Christian community, integrate your faith in healthcare and serve Christ by serving others.


Whole Person Care Preceptorship

June 12 - July 9, 2022 (subject to COVID 19 allowances)

At the 2022 annual Whole Person Care Preceptorship (WPCP) held in Southern California, you will receive professional training to ethically and sensitively assess and address the spiritual needs of your patients. Weekly you will work with and learn from seasoned Christian physicians and healthcare professionals who regularly integrate their faith into their patient care in a variety of specialties and settings. Plus, you'll have ample opportunities to do the same with real patients in both clinical and hospital situations.

Most importantly, you'll grow and reconnect with God and become better prepared to lead colleagues spiritually. You will enjoy ample time for personal devotionals and learn from experts in the fields of personal ministry, bioethics, apologetics, and theology.

As you serve and enjoy the incredible attractions of California, you will build lasting relationships and community with like-minded students and return to school rejuvenated and refreshed. The WPCP is a joint venture of Medical Strategic Network, Cru, and Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Applications are due March 18, 2022.  Check with us after this date to see if we still have spots open.


CMDA Global Health Outreach
Location: various
Dates: various

For additional summer opportunities, check out CMDA's Global Health Outreach Trips! Each year, we send 45 to 55 teams around the world to countries including El Salvador, East Africa, I*dia, the Pacific, Nicaragua, Central Asia, the Middle East and many others. We encourage you to browse through our available trip opportunities to find the trip best suited to fit your needs. Unless noted as a specialty team, all trips welcome physicians, dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, optometrists, nurses, techs, students, interpreters and non-medical volunteers.

For more information, email us or check out our trip opportunities.



The Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute, 2022

June 18-July 9, 2022 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Website: mcophilly.org/smi-philadelphia/

SMI is a dynamic urban healthcare outreach program sponsored by Medical Campus Outreach Philadelphia (mcophilly.org) and Esperanza Health Center, a Christian, federally qualified health center located in North Philadelphia (esperanzahealth.com). In this intensive urban-immersion program, approximately 18-20 Christian health profession students learn to integrate faith and career while providing health screens for blood pressure, diabetes risk, diabetic foot neuropathy, etc. directly in community neighborhoods, and provide health education and community referrals as needed.

Students will receive evangelism training along with medical training during orientation and learn to share the Gospel through conversation and prayer with those they meet. Participants learn collectively and work in partnership with area churches, attending the neighborhood churches each Sunday. Teams will be accompanied as needed with local bilingual interpreters and partner churches will provide spiritual follow up to those in the community who request it.  Students will each spend a day shadowing health care providers at Esperanza and observe an effective model of Christian primary care (third and fourth year medical students and other upper-year students may participate in SMI as an academic rotation, pending approval and availability).  Students will learn about the issues and medical realities of the community by meeting people in the clinic, in the churches and in the neighborhoods.

What else can students expect during SMI Philly? Strong relationships with team members and spiritual growth and discipleship are developed through small group Bible study, daily debriefing, twice-weekly teaching on biblical foundations and daily prayer and worship. Students will learn to process and respond to the issues they encounter, learning first-hand the impact of social, cultural, spiritual and economic factors on health.  Christian clinicians (SMI "faculty") from all healthcare fields volunteer to work alongside the students during the neighborhood outreaches each week, providing valuable relational mentoring. SMI faculty also teach students on relevant topics during orientation, breakout teaching and panel discussions known as "Institute Days," and the final "Return Training" at the program's conclusion.  Students are expected to raise or provide $1450 to help cover program expenses, and will be given detailed information and help during this process. Students typically are provided with group housing, but the pandemic may still require that local students are housed separately in their own locations. In this scenario, a limited amount of housing in the community will be made available for out-of-town students, with more information available as the year progresses.

SMI Philadelphia applications are due: Feb 15 (early decision) for a March 1 decision and March 15 (regular decision) for an April 1 decision. Contact the SMI director at smiphilly@gmail.com for questions, information and the application link. 

Go to http://mcophilly.org/smi-philadelphia/ for information, the application link, FAQs and the student blog.


Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute


Summer “Good Neighboring” with Cahaba Urban in Birmingham, AL


The New Testament is a witness to the sorts of communities Christ birthed and the Apostle Paul, etc. planted. These communities were characterized by their radical abandonment to God and by their entirely new Christ-infused ethic (in the Graeco-Roman world) of care and compassion for one another, for neighbors, and for strangers. They were a good neighbor in the manner of the Good Samaritan who, though he was away from home, extended surprising care to even his enemies. Today we sojourn in a world that:

  • believes hospitals (literal meaning: “a place for travelers”) must be sterile, impersonal, and often degrading buildings rather than homes filled with Christ’s love and opened to neighbors and strangers.
  • believes “health” means the opposite of disease rather than the shalom of God
  • believes we can overcome suffering and death rather than understanding the meaning of suffering and death in the Biblical narrative.


We believe in the possibility of again being communities of Christ-followers, covenanted together to care for one another, for our neighbors, and for strangers, building for the Kingdom of God in this world. We invite interested students to come alongside us with the hope of being refined as a Good Neighbor who is an ambassador of the Good News.


We are a community largely of medical folks who are very interested in loving neighbors and the nations who are “underserved.” Students will live in our guesthouse down the street from our clinic with the family of one of our family medicine faculty members. Most of our family medicine residents and faculty live in proximity in the neighborhood as well. The student’s time will be split between working in the clinic and spending time in the community.


This rotation is available year-round, on a rolling basis, and subject to availability in the guesthouse or other home. It is available for all medical students and even for select pre-medical students.

Cahaba Rural Summer Mission Experience


Behold, I am about to do something new; 

even now it is coming. Do you not see it?

Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness

and streams in the desert. Isaiah 43:19


God reiterates in Isaiah 43 His loving pursuit of His people and in the beautiful picture in verse 19 reveals His deliberate action to bring healing to a land in need.


Remarkable health disparities exist in rural populations. Limited access to medical care, mental health services and costly medications yield poorer health outcomes for rural communities. Furthermore, rural and international communities share many aspects of medical need and often benefit from clinicians with a broad skill set.


Cahaba Medical Care exists to address those disparities and provide quality medical care to the underserved rural community of Centreville, AL. We recognize and agree with Isaiah 43:11 that there is no Savior but God - healing only comes through Jesus Christ. And, to love like He loves, we strive to follow the example of Christ by engaging our community meaningfully with the gift of medicine in His name. Students' one on one clinical experiences with attendings and residents grow a global Kingdom perspective in our rural community.

All interested medical and premedical students are welcome to apply for 2 or 4 week rotations.


Rotations are granted throughout the year based on availability through the application Please visit our website: https://cahabafamilymedicine.com/



Lawndale Christian Health Center

The Lawndale Summer Medical Project is a 4-5 week summer program in which 4th year (senior) pre-med/pre-midlevel students and 1st year medical students have the opportunity to work alongside Christian clinicians and help to serve a medically underserved community. The program was developed in 2002 and 2003 in conjunction with the Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) and Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF).

LSMP students live with host families and work in the Lawndale community to experience total immersion within the community. LSMP focuses on chronic care patients who do not have access routine care, as well as hosting health screenings at various community health fairs.


First year medical students, senior college students interested in becoming an MD or midlevel provider, or recent college graduates planning to become an MD or midlevel provider in the future.

Medically interested undergraduate students seeking a summer internship experience at Lawndale Christian Health Center can consider applying through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Chicago Urban Program (CUP).  LCHC partners with CUP to accept a select number of undergraduate interns placed at the health center.  Visit CUP's website for more information.


Click here to download the LSMP application, and here for a recommendation form.

Beacon 360
Immersive Summer Rotation - 2021

OBJECTIVE: To provide medical students with an immersion experience in urban medical missions, allowing them to further explore and apply healthcare from a Christian worldview


  • Rotation I: Sunday, July 11 - Friday, July 23
  • Rotation II: Sunday, August 1 - Friday, August 12

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Immersive Summer Rotation program includes:

  • Shadowing in-ofce clinical sessions with our internists, pediatricians, ob/gyn’s, and podiatrist
  • Community outreach opportunities with our Outreach team, as well as local churches
  • Participating in health education outreaches to underserved populations
  • Dedicated didactic mentoring sessions will explore the following topics:
  • How to apply the Word to your faith, your work and your calling
  • “How do we bring Jesus into the exam room? The hospital? The classroom?”
  • Addressing ethical issues in the “public square”
  • Personal spiritual accountability and resiliency-building

For further information contact: Dr. Jeeji Mathunny

SCHEDULE: The program will begin on Sunday (July 11, August 1) with a welcome program and dinner. During the week (Monday - Friday), the educational program will be divided into three sections: clinical experience, community outreach, and didactic learning. The typical weekday for participants will run from 9:00am - 8:00pm, with activities divided up among the three key sections of our program.

COST: The tuition fee of Beacon’s Immersive Summer Rotation program is $985 ($500 of which is tax-deductible in support of Beacon 360), which includes the cost of Beacon’s learning program and meals. At no additional cost, you will also be able to receive school credit for completing this rotation. For more information about receiving school credit, contact either Dr. Janet Kim at janetk@beaconcchc.com or Dr. Jeeji Mathunny at jeejim@beaconcchc.com.

APPLICATION: If you would like to be considered for Beacon’s Immersive Summer Rotation, fll out our online application here. The deadline to be considered for this program is Thursday, May 20. In addition to the questionnaire, we will need you to provide two references (one personal and one professional) along with their contact information. We will then contact your references with a quick form to fll out so they can share how they see this program being of benefit to you. You can expect to hear back from us regarding your acceptance into the program by June 1.

We look forward to being a part of your journey into the medical profession as a Christian!