Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Church

May 17, 2023

Dr. Atasha Jordan, MD, MBA is a Christian resident psychiatrist in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her AB in Neurobiology at Harvard University and completed the MD-MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Barbados, Dr. Jordan has a passion for serving patients with mental health illnesses in the U.S. and the Caribbean. Particularly, Dr. Jordan aims to highlight the important intersection of faith and mental health, especially as it relates to Christianity. Dr. Jordan also writes on topics including spirituality and mental health for her blog and for popular literature. You can follow Dr. Jordan on Instagram and Twitter using the handle @atashajordan. You can learn more about her at www.atashajordan.com.


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Feb 14 2024

Do You Have A Global Vision of CMDA?

Our special guest in the Student Pulse Podcast studio is Dr. Peter Saunders, the CEO of ICMDA. Bill and Peter discuss the global impact and vision of Christian healthcare students and professionals around the world.

Jan 24 2024

The Consequences of “Straight Talk,” with Diversity and Equality of Opportunity in Healthcare

What trumps diversity every time? Why is ‘straight talk’ so important in the medical field? In this episode of Student Pulse Podcast, we talk with Kenny Xu, President of Color Us United to explain equality of opportunity over equity in healthcare.

Jan 10 2024

The Importance of Self-Care During Traininig

As a medical student, how important it is to be aware of one's Mental health. How can we as students promote and actively support this among colleagues and our community? Bill Reichart and Erica Brown, an M3 at TCU in Ft. Worth, discuss her journey to medical school and the importance of self-care, balance and the importance of Christian community during the challenging years of medical school training.

Dec 13 2023

Pulse Podcast Rewind – December’s Best of 2023

We bring you highlights of the most watched podcast episodes of 2023, along with a little Christmas twist from our host, Bill Reichart.

Nov 22 2023

How to Stand Strong for Christ During Your Training Years

Dr Jeff Barrows, Senior VP of Bioethics and Public Policy discusses a new video series targeted to help medical and dental trainees stand strong for Christ in our culture.

Nov 8 2023

The Questions Every Healthcare Professional Needs To Ask…And Answer!

Dr. David Kim and host Bill Reichart discuss the important questions that every healthcare student and professional needs to ask - and have an answer for too!

Oct 25 2023

Unwavering Faith: The Extraordinary Journey of Two Nurses in Pursuit of Christ

Have you ever decided to travel across the country, cover your own costs and show up to an event where you knew no one and knew little to nothing about the organization behind it? Listen to the stories from two women who did just that and how God blessed them because of their step of faith.

Oct 11 2023

From Darkness to Redemption: The Inspiring Journey of a Former Abortionist turned Life Advocate

Hear the transforming story of the gospel in the life of Dr. Robinson as God moved him from doing abortions to now a strong proponent and advocate of life.

Sep 27 2023

Behind the Curtain: Compelling Stories of Suffering and Faith from an ER Doc

Hear some of the most heart-wrenching stories of her 23 years in the Emergency Room, Dr. Trish Burgess explores genuine heartache and compassion for people who are going through the most difficult experiences of their lives, and how Christ's compassion and peace can prevail in even the most extreme circumstances.

Sep 13 2023

How To Have An Unforgettable Summer Experience

Matthew Lynch discusses his summer preceptorship with the Medical Strategic Network. Matthew, from Atlanta, Georgia, completed undergraduate school at the University of Georgia and has recently started his first year of medical school at the University of Florida. He is interested in global health and caring for refugees in particular.

Aug 23 2023

A Student’s Journey of Generosity

Bill and Luke discuss the impact and importance of an unique weekend experience called a “Journey of Generosity” (JOG). Luke talks about how this JOG impacted not only his own spiritual journey but also the campus ministry at large.

Jul 26 2023

A Doctor’s Journey Through Mentoring

Join Bill Reichart as he discusses the importance of mentoring with Dr. Alexandria McDow - how it has impacted her journey and how her passion for mentoring the next generation of healthcare professionals continues to shape her life. Alexandria McDow, MD, FACS is a general surgeon and endocrine surgeon at Indiana University. She specializes in treating diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands. She has been actively engaged with CMDA since 2007 and was the founder of the inaugural Connect the Docs at University of Kentucky in 2009. She has served on the CMDA Board of Trustees as both a Resident Trustee and Young Trustee. She is passionate about mentorship, surgical education, and global surgery.

Jul 12 2023

Success is Fleeting; What Really Matters

Bill Reichart engages in a compelling conversation with Dr. Marco Britton, delving into his captivating life journey and highlighting the notion that success should not be determined and defined by the world. Dr. Marco Britton is a board-certified physician who practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as a corporate medical director. His specialty is Occupational Medicine. He also has experience practicing Primary Care and Urgent Care. In addition, he is a devout Christian, loving family man, entrepreneur and more. He is the CEO and Founder of Total Success 365, [link to https://www.totalsuccess365.com/] which is a Christian-based personal development brand that specializes in helping individuals achieve success in all major areas of life, including: FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS & FINANCES.

Jun 28 2023

So What if You Are Hated

Bill Reichart talks to Ryan Bomberger from the Radiance Foundation about how we are to Biblically respond when people hate us because of our Christian convictions and faith. https://radiancefoundation.org/.

Jun 14 2023

Discipleship is Relationship

Author Roger Matkin, DMin, discusses how discipleship is all about relationship. Learn about his book, "Putting It All Together," which is a compilation what he learned on the anvil of experience, taught to students, wrote about in a variety of formats, and confirmed in the day-to-day rhythms of living the Christian life.

May 31 2023

How to Help Medical Marriages Flourish

Bill Reichart, VP for Campus and Community Ministries with CMDA , talks with Rebecca Lehman, Side by Side’s newest Executive Director about the opportunities and challenges of being in a medical marriage and how Side By Side is coming alongside women though it.

Apr 25 2023

What to Do When Told to “Sit DOwn & Shut Up”

In this episode Listen to the conversation Bill Reichart speaks to ADF attorney Tyson Langhofer on the how Christian students can effectively respond to pushback or even hostility toward their faith and convictions.

Apr 5 2023

Covenant Medicine: Being Present When Present

In this episode Listen to the conversation with Dr. David Beyda as he explains the critical difference in care and within medicine between the Covenant approach and the Contract approach - and why it matters for Christians.

Mar 15 2023

How to Flourish in your Faith while in School

In this episode we talk to Caroline Doherty, a third-year MD-PhD student at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to discuss her faith journey which led her from being a professional ballerina touring Western Europe to medical school. Also we discuss how she is able to flourish in her faith in med school and why campus ministry is so important for every Christian.

Mar 1 2023

How to Find Success as a Christian Going Into Residency

Dr. Cara Buskmiller discusses what residency interviews are like for Christians and others making decisions based on their consciences and convictions.