CMDA Phoenix exists to love God and love others... through healthcare.

As you know, healthcare training and practice are hard! We're here to support you on your journey so that you're healthy and whole in Christ, eager to serve your classmates, colleagues and patients for him.

Where we are involved

Schools & Campuses

AT Still
Mayo (Alix)
University of Arizona (Phoenix)

Meetings & Activities

Each of our campuses has (or is moving toward) regular, online bible study meetings. We are a brand-new chapter, but as God's Spirit leads we anticipate expanding what we offer!         

Many of our students and professionals serve at The Neighborhood Christian Clinic (TNCC). More information may be found at                 


Engaging Medical Students & Reaching the Community

As hundreds of students enter medical school in Phoenix, they all encounter new experiences that consume their time, confront them with enormous pressure and with competing world views.

CMDA Phoenix seeks to be a spiritual oasis amidst the storm. CMDA also answers the cries of impoverished regions in other countries and in our own city by deploying teams of medical professionals and students to take holistic care, essential training, and the love of Christ to the community.  


Our focus

When you invest in CMDA Phoenix, you're helping us...

- invest in the next generation of healthcare students who will go on to impact their colleagues and patients for Christ

- encourage and resource practicing professionals so they remain healthy, ready to meet patients with the love and hope of Christ

- offer transformational mentoring, coaching and discipleship to our local healthcare community

In short, your investment fuels the Great Commission in our local Christian healthcare community so that it can serve as a launching pad for the gospel. From Phoenix to the ends of the earth!

We would love to hear from you.

Bryan and Sharon Stoudt 2021
Chapter Contact Information

CMDA Phoenix

Bryan & Sharon Stoudt
Metro Phoenix Staff

Bryan & Sharon Stoudt serve with CMDA in the Metro Phoenix Area. They enjoy helping Christian healthcare students and professionals thrive (not merely survive), and together have four (mostly) fantastic children. In their spare time, Bryan enjoys staying active and roasting coffee, while Sharon has a passion for all things French.

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