Campus Leadership Training

How can you most effectively lead your campus ministry for the kingdom? What resources are available as you plan your Bible studies? Is there a good missions trip for us to consider as a chapter? How can you effectively reach your colleagues and your campus for Christ?

We will be tackling those questions and much more in this series! Our Campus Leadership Webinar Series will address topics that can help you effectively prepare, plan, and lead your ministry right where you are. Each session will highlight parts of the leadership information you need to know as you need to know it. The webinar sessions will be interactive, responding to questions and input from you as we go along.

These 60-minute interactive sessions are designed specifically to help you, as a CMDA leader, to effectively develop and lead the CMDA ministry God has set before you. Our sessions will address topics like connecting with first year students, planning campus meetings, reaching out to your classmates, planning a missions trip and much more. The sessions will be interactive, so you can ask your questions as ideas develop. Our goal is to equip you with what you need to carry out God's vision for your campus!