We help healthcare professionals know Christ more through discipleship, we seek to care for them through relationships, and strive to send them out into their professions well equipped spiritually and professionally.

If we are faithful in carrying out our mission we expect to see the following,

  • People coming to a saving knowledge and growing relationship with Christ on a regular basis.
  • People being mentored into mature followers of Christ through small group and one on one discipleship.
  • Marriages that are characterized by spouses loving, respecting and nurturing each other in relationships centered on Christ and guided by Biblical truths. Parents raising their children to be mature followers of Christ.
  • People going out from the ministry with a missional mindset and lifestyle who are committed to win, build, and send out others as disciples of Christ both nationally and internationally.
  • Health care professionals being influenced in a godly manner that values and treats the patient with a whole person concept: individuals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Team

Bobby Parks

Area Director
Married to Jan for 41 years. Former missionary to South Africa for 22 years. Ordained minister in the PCA.

Christina Thomas

Women's Ministry Coordinator
Former missionary to Cambodia for 7 years. Triathlete.

Bob Nilsen

Missions Coordinator
Married to Anna for 45 years. Former missionary to the Dominican Republic for 11 years.

David Hinshaw

Men's Discipleship
Married to Dominique for 3 years.

Courtney Byers

Administrative Assistant
Married to Jake, anesthesiology resident, for 5 years.
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